Welcome to Sukawa Global Marketing Sdn Bhd. Our company was established with a strong & firm background where our mother company Osmonics Sdn Bhd have 10 years experience in all kind of Water Filtration System, Water Treatment Machine, component & equipment for Industrial, commercial & institution purposes.
Nowadays, a pure of clean & healthy water for every human is neccesary, as the environmental pollution factors is becoming from bad to worst. Therefore, everyone deserve to look for the best related health or wellness products. Thus, we aim to achieve 1 house 1 AQUASTAR Alkaline Water System to all Malaysians & families. The quality & material use is the priority of our product, and it is also affordable to any level of income groups.
To make our consumer more convinient, we have allocated our agents & distributors throughout whole Peninsular  Malaysia, which also included in Sabah & Sarawak. Recently, AQUASTAR have had sucessfully enter into overseas market, such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand & Australia.
We love, we care, we aim to let all people are able to drink clean & healthy water in anytime, anywhere in order to bring great smile, huge love & strong healthy.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve 1 House 1 Aquastar Water System.

Our Vision

We Love,  We Care, We Contribute to all Malaysian to drink a cleaner and healthier water that bring greater health, smile and love to home.

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